So, while playing ‘Ascension’ I felt the urge/need to create a visual novel myself, obbiously, and I even installed a new program for VNs. But guess what? Once again I came to the conclusion that, indeed, I am not done for creating creative stuff, I’m done to play stuff.

That being said, I’m gonna keep being the himono onna I am and live out of otome games, dramas and anime like my life depends on them. ❤ ❤ ❤

I haven’t showered in two weeks either, ahahhah.

Every school day I was like “No, seriously, I must shower today, I AM going to shower today!” then I would look out the window (on the bus) and be like “..but I am very tired… mah…ikka! 🙂 ” and thus here I am.

Well, without further blah blah, lets get to the geimu!! ❤