Last few days’ recap:

  • I did NOT continue ‘Ascension’ and I won’t play it for a while because shit is happening and I’m not into it right now.
  • I completed the first season of ‘Medaka Box’, quite disappointing… I expected more from it 😦  I am not watching the second season.
  • I didn’t know what to watch and ended up watching ‘Shelter’ and OMG! ❤ ❤ That thing was awesome, short (6 minutes) but good.
  • Started playing another otoge  (otome game) called Eldarya. It is definetely done better than ‘Ascension’ but the story is not as good. I still like it and I’ve been playing for two days now, there are only four chaps as of right now and I’m stuck at the third because I can’t find something I have to find. Also, I nearly spent all my Maana on customizing my character and did not think it thru because I need that stuff for nearly everything, even walking needs Maana… 😦
  • Watched a movie called ‘Hotaru no Mori e’. It was good, I was left quite bad and kinda sad because it doesn’t have a happy ending and my policy is not to watch tragedies… but hey, it happened. No matter what I enjoyed it and I think I even gave it an 8 on MAL, not sure. 🙂
  • Started watching ‘Psycho Pass 2’ once again! Re-watching the first episodes, I really don’t understand why I didn’t like it last time… Ok, the characters aren’t the same but once you get over that, the new characters are cool too. Psycho Pass is definetely not the kind of series where they keep charcters to make you happy, hahah.
  • I’m at 93k on Osu! Yass! ❤ Working hard on it hun’…
  • I didn’t finish even the first chap of ‘Death is my BFF’, didn’t feel like reading it. >.<

Uhh… Doesn’t it look like I’ve done more in the last couple days than ever in my life?? D:

This shows just how much I’ve been studying… Get a hold of yourself!! D: