I just remembered, ugh, let me tell you this.

I think a week ago (?) or maybe a little bit less than that, I went on vvvvid to watch whatever I was watching and guess what I found?

I was ready to face that annoying sound blasting intro before I could run into the anime section but what appeared in front of my eyes was not was I expected.

It was a fucking page on ‘Which anime do you want dubbed?’. D: D: D:

Every otaku’s ducking nightmare.

I was like ‘NO. LIKE NO. HELL NO!’ and then like ‘I’m sure nobody is going to vote for dubbing the, anyways’ than a few second later ‘Bitches don’t you even dare!!’

And yeah, people were actually suggesting ducking anime to dub. è.é

At the top there was JoJo’s adventures or whatever and with that I am completely fine because I don’t like it. But the others were ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ or the other one with aiens or whatever which I still have to watch and I’d rather hear them speaking ducking japanese. There was also ‘Boku dake ga inai Machi’ or ‘Fate/Zero’ ‘Death Parade’ and ‘God Eater’.

Like no, you know what no means? NO.

Especially for the last ones I listed.

So now it’s all back to normality, but I don’t know if it is a good sign or not.. 😦