Yah, today I was all alone at home.


You’re right.

I spent the whole day on Youtube.

And yes.

I’m not even ashamed.

Because today’s vids were ducking good

I won’t talk about them here because I would end up writing a poem, but I’ll put the links so that you can eventually re-watch them. (And yes, I know you are going to, sooner than you think…)

This is the first one I’ve seen starring Jackson and Hani

This one has Kai playing with a baby

Chanyeol and Baekhyun playing with two twin babies

Hani and Hyerin playing with two little girls and babysitting, they are so fun! 🙂

In this video and in this other one I’ve seen so many sleeping BTS faces, kyah! ❤

And lastly, I was watching this when mom walked in and I had to stop (T^T) It was so funny–!! [UPDATE: I finished the video and it was seriously funny, Jackson and Youngji always bickering are so damn cute