I am so very sad right now. 😢 😢


Because I completed ‘Roommate’ 2° season. 😦

It was just soooooo good, it made me laugh sooo much, but it ended. 😦

It was so sad at the end when everyone was saying their goodbyes, they had grown so close with each other… ❤

I love all of them and I would give everything just to have another season with this same guys! ❤

I haven’t seen the first season yet (and I’m not sure I’ll even watch it at this point) but I’ve seen a few cuts on Youtube and they are not as funny as this guys were.

I think they really were a great combo, they couldn’t talk without making you laugh and they were simply a-do-ra-ble! ❤

That’s why now I’m left with this feeling of emptyness inside, I don’t know what to watch, what to do…

In five days I’ve watched 26 hours of stuff, I’ve seen them being awkward, happy, sad, comforting each others, pranking each others and much more.. ❤

I won’t forget this program, love all of you guys and thanks for the time I could spend with you!!

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