OMG!!!! Freaking out, much?

I’m watching ‘The greatest Marriage’ and omg, omg!!

Like, seriously, I did think of droppin’ it a few times but I’m glad I chose not to. 🙂

This thing.. how sould I describe it? Basically for the first time I couldn’t tell what was going to happen, everytime I expected something something else happened instead, this is crazy!! O:

Also, I’m totally blown away buy the male lead’s love strenght. He’s been through hell and fire and god only knows what else and still he’s all over her.. And, and, he’s soft hearted, I knew he wasn’t a bad person and I couldn’t bring myself to hate him no matter what he did..

This whole drama is seriously good and even though it had it’s downs and was kind of droppy sometimes, the last couple episodes are seriously the most exciting episodes of the whole series!!!

I haven’t given up on the two of them actually getting married yet…!!

I ship you, you two!

I’m now gonna go and watch the last episode, hoping that mom won’t stop me from completing it and we will see… *excited*