Regarding ‘To the beautiful you’, the korean version is very different from the japanese one.. I expected it to follow exactly the same plot, but I see that that does not happen. Apart from the general plot line, there’s a lot of new stuff and some things have been edited. I think it was done to give more of a korean feeling to the too much japanese-like drama, but that’s just my guess…

Wow, this feels like I’m actually reviewing something, ahah. It was just one of those “shower thoughts”, if not that I’m on the bed and not the shower…


OMG OMG OMG!! Why is it suddenly turning so dark?? I could feeling since a while now, but I didn’t think it would actually happen in this kind of drama..! You know, Hana Kimi is one of those refreshing, nice, delicate and pure dramas, is he seriously going to try to rape her????? I mean, he’s been touching and looking at her legs a lot, lately, but… This was NOT present in Hana Kimi Jap. ver. D:

Let’s brace ourselves and see what happens… >.<

Tae Joon figured it out and is now trying to get to them by bycicle, is gonna make it in time?? Poor little I-don’t-remember-her-name-lead asked him if she could borrow his phone.. what is that damn jeezer planning?? è.é

OMG, he just went “Say still. If you listen well, nothing bad is gonna happen” and then he locked the doors—! Gae Hee, stay safe! T^T That Tae Joon guy is coming!

Seriously, my eyes are wide open like this rn O_O

Did he seriously try to do that to her and then she ran but he catched her and he punched her??? Isn’t this turning too serious for the cute Hana Kimi I knew?? But heheh, truth be said, I’m quite enjoying it heheh *giddy* because Tae Joon is all worried and flustered, ahah *giddy*

You oldy, you will see when Tae Joon sees what you’ve done! *hopeful*

Kyaaah!! ❤ ❤ I knew he was gonna save her but DAAAMN them flying kick, man, ahahahha.

And thus….

He smiled!! ❤ ❤ And the hug scene is cute too…

Now that the scary situation is solved, I’ll just end the commentary. 🙂

Ahahaha, I spoke too soon, well, if he’s not giving her a piggyback— ❤

Mh, I’m not sure about this…

He’s being way too nice for being only at the 4th, something is not right. He didn’t even find out she’s a girl yet, did he?Risultati immagini per thoughtful meme

Oh and he started sulking, ahahah, how cute :3