Yesterday night we started watching ‘White Collar’, a tv series.

Holy cake, how damn goodlooking Neal is ❤ ❤ I knew it from the second I laid eyes on him that I’d be fangirling about him for the next half of my life >//<

Risultati immagini per neal caffrey

You can’t say he’s not ducking hot ❤ the eyes, those eyeeees!! *sweating*

He looks very intelligent, which I’m sure he is, and the way he sometimes just look at a person in silence, you can never know what he’s thinking.. it’s just waaahh– ❤

Apart from this, the series is very good so far. I’m not used to this kind of tv series as I usually watch asian drama and anime, so I’m not really experienced. The characters though are all pleasant and I love the way both the main leads sometimes act in a childlish manner.

So far, so good. 🙂