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I’m going to start by admitting that if it weren’t for my brother I would have probably never watched this amazing series.

Unfortunately since the last few years I started pre-jugding series a lot based on the pictures that I see on MAL or whatever site I find them on, before even trying them out. I know, it’s a bad habit and all, I’m working on it.

Talking about the series, it is one hell of a good one.

A princess on the run looking for the seven deadliest people in the world to save her kingdom might not be exactly the most usual anime plot.

What I appreciated the most of Nanatsu no Taizai was the fact that the main character, Meliodas, was an OP character.

With all the anime that came out in the lasts couple years, I grew tired of scaredy-cat, weak protagonists. It still amazes me knowing that even though the anime was released in 2014, I only found out about it in 2016, especially considering that I’ve been looking for something good to watch so many times in this two years.

This anime brings back that great feeling of power and ability that I think everyone loves and that probably made in all those mainstream series such as Bleach, Death Note, One Piece etc. what they are today.

It is not long, the usual 24 episodes that fly away way too fast. I know it’s weird, I know it’s unbelievable but the story actually ends within the 24 episodes, finally an anime that is not cut off half way, hurray!

Although I said this, there is open way for a second season which, from what I happened to see, is going to be released somewhere in 2016 (even though we’re approaching 2017 and I still haven’t seen it anywere).

The art design is great, vivid colors and all. The story and the character’s persona are very well studied.

One thing that left me kind of perplexed was the ending, don’t want to spoiler so all I’m going to say is that I didn’t expect the sudden couples that formed. It is not a bad thing at all, for once in my life I actually felt comfortable with all the couple-making, but it was weird to see it all happen suddenly in the last episode or so.

That being said, I think this anime has all the specs that makes it lovable by everyone: friendship, OP characters, character development, comedy, sadness and… it ends within it’s episodes. 🙂