Ok, so do you remember what I said last time about the “..but everytime they say… it gets faster” thing? Well, not only did it become a thing to the point that someone said “I think I just saw God” after whatching the whole Bee movie in 7 minutes, but BTS’s fans brought it to a whole other level. Because yes. 🙂

I keep getting recommended vids like “The entire WAR OF HORMONE MV but every time they stick out their tongues it zooms in” and “The BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS MV but every time they say “manhi” a cute V appears” (which I’m going to watch rn btw) or again “all of BTS’ MVs but when JIN gets a line it slows down“.

There are tons of them all over Youtube. They have taken over–!

I still enjoy whatching them so I’m not gonna complain thoguh! ❤

I was going to end the post here but I found even more??!! And they are crazy, ahahahha. Laughed my ass off. 😀

The entire “Blood, Sweat and Tears” MV but everytime they say “nae pi ttam nunmul” they say ohmygod” and “The entire DOPE MV but every time they say “jjeoreo” a wild Jimin appears” are some of those…

God, when is 2016 going to end?? Hasn’t it brought enough destruction yet? D: