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— December 30, 2016

We actually found another great drama—-!!

Ending 2016 in a great way, aren’t we? 🙂

The name is ‘Descendant of the Sun’. It’s been on viki for a pretty long time now but we never felt like checking it out, let’s say we were snobbing it, yes? Well, we’re very picky after all…


The thing is damn good. We’re at the third or fourth episode now and the main couple is already too sweet to handle ❤ ❤

I like the choice of character they went with in this drama. 🙂

Not much happened up to now but we’re really looking forward to fights and suspense.. *-*

— December 29, 2016

Love, love, love—

Holidays mean binge watching, reading and playing, don’t they? 🙂

Well, this Christmas I’m working hard not to waste any time I could potentially use for all of this serious matters. This summer, with my highschool graduation exam and applying to university, I lost a lot of time and I couldn’t really enjoy it that much..

At the time I had just started another blog (in italian) where I did a summary of all the series I’ve read/watched and so on… To chek it out, click here. Yesterday I happened to browse it for a while and I wondered why exactly I dropped it to open a wordpress one in english.. >.<


I actually started writing this post a few days ago but I was soon interrupted so I’ll try to sum up what happened lately.

In the previous post I wrote about completing ‘When a snail falls in love’, didn’t I? Well, yesterday I completed re-watching the whole thing with my sister. 🙂

It really doesn’t take long..

It totally entered in my ‘Top dramas ever’ list.

After that we watched a few Behind The Scenes videos that are simply adorable, Wang Kai kept laughing at everything and the actors seemed to be enjoying themselfs pretty much.

That’s when our research started. Finding a good crime and romance drama is very hard though… We still haven’t found anything cool to watch, we will keep searching later. 😦

This morning instead we finally managed to chrome cast viki and we re-watched the first two episodes of ‘You’re all Surrounded’. Those guys still cruck us up with their stupidity ❤

Oh, another important thing is this: I actually found (and read all the chapters that were available on mangafox) a nice manga! :3

It’s called ‘Niehime to Kemono Ou’ and I found it very very cute! ❤ ❤ I hope they keep updating it though…


— December 23, 2016

I feel like crying. I feel so empty inside…

Why..? Why does this always have to happen???

I completed ‘When a snail falls in love’ and it was so ducking good that I still can’t believe I won’t see other episodes.

Damn good series, always leaving us with this feeling of damn emptiness.. T^T

I know I said it was cringy yesterday, but I was still naive… it was only the first episode.

I don’t even know where to start praising it from, the perfect story? The flawless acting? The flow of emotions?

I would watch it all over again and not be tired of it.

If you ever feel like ‘I want to watch something but I don’t know what’ then re-watch this thing because it is damn beautiful.

The actors acted it so well and this combined with the plot and the caracters’ psychology etc, created what I would call a masterpiece. I don’t care if others don’t think it is worth all this praise, I seriously loved ‘When a snail falls in love’.

I didn’t even know it was a 2016 drama until I added it to mydramalist, lol.

I think the best part was the acting. All actors, but especially the two leads, showed their emotions in such an unconventional way. Usually in asian dramas, acotrs tend to show a lot their feelings, to exagerate them in a comical way. In this drama though, you couldn’t know what they were thinking until they actually spoke their minds, and when all they showed was a tiny little movement of an eyebrow or eyelid… god, they are good! ❤

Especially Xu Xu, te actress is very pretty and she is so petite–!! >//<

I still can’t believe I’m not gonna see this guys again… T^T

After ‘Roommate’ this is the second time I feel so devastated after watching a series! This year has been rough on me, ahahah.


I still feel so tristo that I want to start another drama, with the hope of forgetting this one but I can’t because of certain circumsances… *cough*they are home*cough*

*cries in italian*

It only took two days to complete it but it was better than ‘Cheese in the trap’ that took me about a week…

— December 21, 2016


The episode was only 30 min. long?? D: *shock*

Anywas, I’m totally diving in the next one. ❤

The actors are very good thoug, they know how to hide and show their emotions perfectly *-*

I’m really enjoying this, ahahha.

I’m a few minuted into the first episode and I don’t know if I’m cringing or if I actually like the quality of the fighting scenes, ahahahha.

I know “action” in dramas is not really that action-ish… apart from some series that have great fighting scenes and stuff. But usually the fights look very silly 🙂

Well this drama brought it to a whole different level ahahah.

Still gonna watch it though, I seem to like cringy stuff.

The guy sure is handsom, heh! ❤ ❤

I have the morning for myself, mwahahahhaha!

Obviously, I got up at 7:30 a.m. to have more time to spend online 🙂

And obviously I’m going on youtube… NOPE! ahahah

Today I decided to watch a drama!! *feels* ❤

I haven’t watched any in such a long time, I actually feel bad for it lol.

Went on viki and found what I wanted: ‘When a Snail Fails to fall in love’.

I think it is ongoing but I don’t care, chinese dramas are usually very long so I’m not even sure I’ll be able to reach the end.

This drama is supposed to have action and romance and crime in it ❤ ❤ All the stuff that I like *hopeful*

P.S. I hate to say it for the third time already but… obviously I’m watching it on dramanice ❤ That site has been my heaven *giddy*

Gave two exams and I can finally relax for a short while.. *relieved*

This last couple days I managed to watch ‘Bakemono no Ko’, a very refreshing and bittersweet animated movie, before starting ‘Shirobako’, which I haven’t finished yet.

I loved the character design for ‘Bakemono no Ko’ as well as colors and the story (even though the ending left me kind of disappointed). The dubbing though was weird, not all of them obviously, only some characters. Kyuuta’s voice when he was still a kid was adorable! But then he grew up, very fast too, and they changed his voice actor! T^T (only remembering Kumatetsu calling him Kyuuta is… ❤ ) Great anime though, perfect for a night in which you have nothing too see or you simply want to watch something different 🙂

‘Shirobako’ on the other hand, is cute (?). I mean, it’s not one of those anime where you expect stuff to happen so I don’t really have much to say. Same style as for ‘Bakuman’.

— December 15, 2016


The last two episodes…. so much feels going on..! T^T

I was this close to crying but I endured it. Nothing ever got me to this point.. not even ‘Kimi no Na wa’ or ‘Shelter’ *cries in italian*

I don’t even know how to describe it but it was phenomenal!

The first season doesn’t even compare.. this is a masterpiece, to think that I was thinking of never warching the second season…

I’m not much into sad endings, I can’t stand them because they make me feel bad for the rest of the day and I hate it, but this was totally worth it!!

Now I’mma go give it a ten on MAL ❤  ❤
Risultati immagini per ansatsu kyoushitsu second season

I’m whatching ‘Assassination Classroom second season’ and OMG!!!! ❤

I’m at the last couple episodes.. T^T

The feels… the feels, damn it!

Is he gonna die, is he going to survive?? I don’t want him to dieeee but I don’t see how he could survive either.. >.<

Karasuma sensei is damn attractive and I just noticed that his voice is gorgeous! ❤ ❤

Out of the three openings that this series had, my favourite is the first one. 🙂 As for the second one I only like that part where it goes “Question, question. la la la la Question, question..”

The current ending on the other hand is awesome, the girl has a splendid clear voice, I love it! ❤

I feel like I’m going to cry, me that never cried for anything fictional..

Today I watched more kpop videos, yeeey! 🙂 They were mainly all from TV shows and they were all super funny, I kept laughing my arse off.

I noticed that recently I started reacting a lot more to stuff that I see. I was never very expressive in my reactions, I would just keep staring blankly at the screen. However lately, especially today, I found myself smiling, grinning widely, mimicking eating when they were eating in the vids and so on.. weird but fun! :3

Today was both a BTS and EXO day, my imagination sekai this days has gotten better again, hurray! ❤