No ok, I’m back. Because, uh, I gotta say this.

BTS is per-fec-tion.

All of them are great, today I saw sides of them that I didn’t know about. V can be unexpectedly strong, Jin is much cuter than I previously thought (especially in momma mode) and runs very fast, Rap Mon is much more skilled than I knew, Suga is super good at basketball, J-Hope is a lot of fun like always, Jimin jumps higher than a rabbit and Jungkook is everything ❤

This is the video in which they won the wrestling match, preliminaries, semi finals and finals. V shocked me D:

Here Jimin jumps.

Here they win the 400m run.

Here they are ducking adorable with A.R.M.Y.

Here mom Jin feeds Jungkookie before he goes to school and here I nearly exploded from cutness overload when they accompanied Kookie for his graduation (?). Suga looked like a mom, all excited and taking a load of pictures, ahah.

Here Suga rocks at basketball.

Seriously.. how can they do everything so smoothly?? Particularly Jungkook, they even did archery and he nailed it (without having prior experience in it, I think) getting only 9s and 10s. ❤ How can you not fangirl over this guys??? ❤ *giddy*

Imagination sekai is going up up up—!!

Recently I’m also sleeping very well, maybe because I stopped going to class >.< And the imagin. sekai is so vivid and good *-*