Why is life so hard???

Not only I have a math exam coming this week, but exactly in this delicate moment in which I should be studing earnestly, I’m finding more and more awesome videos on Youtube. D: *cries in italian*

There’s this korean variety show called ‘Star Show 360’ which is particularly funny. I’ve watched two episodes between yesterday and today, the BTS episode and the EXO episode. ❤

The more I watch this guys the more I can’t resist any of them.

Why is every single one of them ducking beautiful?! ❤

How am I even supposed to stick with one bias when every time someone has to be just that amount of cute or handsome and break my securities??

BTS is no kidding… Tell me how I am supposed to choose between Jungkook and Suga. D:

Same for EXO: D.O., Chanyeol or Baekhyun??

I have to survive this last week, I gotta study and pass this damned exam. Then I will give myself to kpop videos again ❤

P.S. Hearing that both Chanyeol and Jungkookie cried because of how stressed they were and all broke my heart T^T