I’m whatching ‘Assassination Classroom second season’ and OMG!!!! ❤

I’m at the last couple episodes.. T^T

The feels… the feels, damn it!

Is he gonna die, is he going to survive?? I don’t want him to dieeee but I don’t see how he could survive either.. >.<

Karasuma sensei is damn attractive and I just noticed that his voice is gorgeous! ❤ ❤

Out of the three openings that this series had, my favourite is the first one. 🙂 As for the second one I only like that part where it goes “Question, question. la la la la Question, question..”

The current ending on the other hand is awesome, the girl has a splendid clear voice, I love it! ❤

I feel like I’m going to cry, me that never cried for anything fictional..