Gave two exams and I can finally relax for a short while.. *relieved*

This last couple days I managed to watch ‘Bakemono no Ko’, a very refreshing and bittersweet animated movie, before starting ‘Shirobako’, which I haven’t finished yet.

I loved the character design for ‘Bakemono no Ko’ as well as colors and the story (even though the ending left me kind of disappointed). The dubbing though was weird, not all of them obviously, only some characters. Kyuuta’s voice when he was still a kid was adorable! But then he grew up, very fast too, and they changed his voice actor! T^T (only remembering Kumatetsu calling him Kyuuta is… ❤ ) Great anime though, perfect for a night in which you have nothing too see or you simply want to watch something different 🙂

‘Shirobako’ on the other hand, is cute (?). I mean, it’s not one of those anime where you expect stuff to happen so I don’t really have much to say. Same style as for ‘Bakuman’.