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— January 31, 2017

Completed the first season of ‘Noragami’ and started ‘Noragami Aragoto’! 🙂

Hella good, heheheh. Yato’s eyes are so beautiful… ❤ They did somehow become a sort of “family” so I love it even more! I don’t know why actually, but I really really like Kazuma ❤


Found yet another manga and read it all, I hope they didn’t drop the project though >//< I want to read more… The struggle is real. The style reminds me a little bit of ‘Yumemiru Taiyou’ although the story is completely different.

Just checked the mangaka out and nope, they aren’t the same person. I haven’t read any of her other works, hm…

‘Yajirobee’ is the name and it’s only two-volumes long for a total of 11 chapters (the sancs stop at chap. 10 *cries in a corner*).

I ADORE shoujo mangas!! I think that they have much better art than the other genres. Not that the others don’t have good art… argh!


Regarding the story, it is a pretty unique one and the couples have not formed just yet so I can speculate as much as I want on who’s going to end up with who. *grinning* ❤

Usually, in this kind of story where the main guy is a lot older, I would ship her with him, no matter what. However! Shikashi! This time I don’t ship her with him. The story simply doesn’t go that way and it somehow feels very wrong ahahah. My ship is Haru and Towa.. ❤ Don’t think it’s going to happen but whatever, Bonta is sweet as well 🙂

— January 30, 2017

I’m finally watching ‘Noragami’ (first season)–!!

I can’t believe I never watched it at the time when my little sister was D:

All because I was busy talking with that odd group of gaming friends I had… not that I don’t like them or anything but we ended up drifting apart and I completely forgot that I was missing such a great series! 🙂

We should be about half way through the first season now, we’re planning on following it up with the second season.. *grinning*

Yato’s eyes are damn beautiful and Yuki is that exact type of “younger” character that I love ❤ No pedo or anything, just otaku stuff.

— January 28, 2017

Yesterday night me and my little sis re-watched the first two episodes of ‘Hitsugi no Chaika’, and damn if it is not good to see a nice, strong-willed character once again. I am tired sick of dull, good for nothing characters that don’t grow no matter how long the series is… D:

Or maybe that’s only me… well, preferences I guess.

Yesterday afternoon I completed ‘360° Degrees Material’–!! ❤

It was a very nice read 🙂 Nothing too special, but still good.

Once again I felt so bad for Marui-kun and wished for his happiness until the very end… the struggle is always very real.  😦

I’m not completely complaining though because Taki-kun is just as great and sweet. 🙂

I have the feeling that certain things were left uncompleted, but maybe it was done on purpose, I don’t know.

Great art by the way! The eyes, hair and eyebrows in my opinion were drawn the best, ahahah! 🙂

Taki-kun ❤

That moment when you realize that you’ve been spelling a word wrong the whole time…

I thought it was “procastinator” but it actually is procrastinator. D: Still hard to believe.

— January 26, 2017

A few hours before I completed the available chapters of ‘Principal’!

I must say that I had never seen this manga before, and to think that it is not even that recent…

I randomly found out about it on Myanimelist.com and decided to give it a try.

At the beginning I thought of dropping it: the story was not progressing and it just didn’t get me. For me it is important that a manga (or anything else actually) engages me from the very beginning, I don’t have enough patience to wait for it when it’s going too slowly.

Still, at the same time, I could feel that it would have been a waste to just drop it like that and something kept me going.

Heheheheh *grinning*

I did well. 🙂

I thought it was going to be the usual love triangle based story and I’m not into them at all. I can resist as long as they don’t become too messy or clichè,at that point I can’t stomach them, really…

Anyway, fortunately, this story turned out to be pretty different from the ones I had read so far. I’d say, the way the story went so far, it resembles more an asian drama’s plot. 🙂

The first impact I had with the drawings was the one I always get when I read old ones. Let’s be honest, they do look lacking. I still appreciate them, they are good and once you get over the first impression they become even better and they all look damn bishounens. ❤

Hotties are going to be hotties no matter what.

You just have to get over the first impact if you’re like me. 🙂

Too bad that the scans stopped right when the main couple seemed to start having hope… it’s always like that. *cries internally*

Recently I’m jumping from one series to the other, lol. I actually planned on studying starting a completed manga so that I was sure I was going to complete the story, but then I found this and it looked like a waste to just leave it there. There aren’t many chapters left anyways…

I said that this was going to be the last, but here I am reading ‘360° Degrees Material’ all over again… well, at least this is a completed series! *wink* 🙂


Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.

Another peculiar thing about this manga is how sometimes it would turn super dark (?)

I think the mangaka wanted to convey the psychological load that certain events or even words can give to people. I really like this aspect ❤ because it gives you the feeling that it was actually well thought and not just the usual story. 🙂

Also, just like in ‘Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi’, dogs are portrayed in an adorable way, and for me that doesn’t have a dog, it makes me one one so much.. >\\<

Another day, another achievement.

Not the right achievement (haven’t studied at all for my upcoming exam next week) but still an achievement: I “completed” another manga!!

Double quotes because I only completed the available chapters, not the whole story.

It took me about a day and a half to read all the chapters, but it wasn’t a hard read at all.

‘Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi’ is the latest manga I re-read.

I guess you got it already but I recently got into the mood of re-reading those manga that I read a long time ago and that hold a special place in my heart (because of the time I read them in, mainly).

It’s too bad that right when stuff seemed to start happening, the chapters finished. 😦

One thing that I really appreciated in ‘Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi’ is the love and care that the mangaka showed towards dogs. She was obviously sending a message through her own work, and I find that fascinating ❤

As for the rest, the story is good (nothing out of the ordinary) and the art is fine too. Hanabi looks adorable when she smiles, doesn’t she?? 🙂 ❤

Hope tor ead more in the near future… When am I going to start buying mangas..? T^T

— January 23, 2017

Earlier I was making some green tea while reading back my blog posts and found that I had mentioned sharing some of my results from those “BTS Dating games” that I went crazy over when I had to study for my math exam around november/december.

In case you don’t know/remember what I’m talking about, in the video you are given 7 images (one for each member) for each role that they are going to take. You have to choose the picture you like the most out of all 7 and later you are told which member each picture is linked to.

So what I’m going to do now is relaying and commenting briefly the game. Hopefully I can’t still read the results because I doodled all over them to hide my crime.

The first one that I found says:

  • BFF: Jin
  • Enemy: RapMonster
  • School buddy: J-Hope
  • BF: RapMonster
  • 1st date: Suga
  • 1st kiss: Jungkook
  • One night stand: RapMonster
  • Ex: Suga
  • Proposes to me: J-Hope
  • Husband: Jungkook
  • Honeymoon with: RapMonster
  • Daddy of my kids: RapMonster

I have to say, this was probably the more detailed one ever, lmao. The “one night stand” and “daddy of my kids” parts don’t feel so right, but hey, it’s a game. So, apparently, I’m not much of a steady partner, huh…  My best friend is Jin and my school buddy is J-Hope, which is great. But did I seriously go and date my enemy?? Is this a shoujo manga? My first date and first kiss were with different people so I guess the first time it didn’t go too well, especially as the guy I went on my first date with became my ex. Escalated quickly. At least I’m intelligent enough to go on a one-night-stand with my bf, even though I’m not sure it can still be called one night stand at this point. D: J-Hope, my school buddy suddenly proposes to me (was it an unrequited love? 😦 ) but, guess what?, I marry a guy I had nothing to do with up to that moment (Jungkook ❤ ). I go on my honeymoon with another guy, not my husband… the hell is wrong with me? Did he abduct me? And… let’s leave out the kids part for good’s sake.

I found another one! But it is too hard to read… I did a good job covering it up *proud*

Goodness, I can’t read lmao, I don’t bother this much to hide even my bank card’s pin! D:

I’ll put the ones I managed to read, I guess…

  • First date: Suga
  • BFF: Suga
  • Roommate (?): V
  • Proposes to me: RapMonster
  • Hubby: J-Hope
  • Travel with: Suga
  • Your true love: Jungkook
  • Has a crush on me: Suga
  • Boyfriend: Jungkook

Hey, I actually managed to read all of them at the end 🙂

Lets analyze this one too, shall we?

First thing I notice: how many times did I get Suga?! And I went on a first date with him again? 2763663_orig

Suga is my best friend, the one I travel with… and the one who has a crush on me. I decide to go on my first date with him even though my true love is Jungkook who’s also my BF. (Unless he was already my BF at the time I went for a date with Suga, at which I would be the dumbest girl on Earth)

In the mean time, even though I’m busy sorting things out with this two guys, I’m living with V… ??!!


A wild RapMonster appears and proposes to me, but I end up marrying J-Hope. I guess things didn’t work out well with Jungkook after all… *cries internally*

This time it was definetely more random, wasn’t it?

Too bad I can’t share any others… For all the other ones I only signed the names and numbers without the corresponding roles.. 😦

Time to go back to reality and realize that I ain’t so lucky. *ice breaking sounds* T^T