Ahh… I really don’t feel like writing this post…

My little sister recently started a blog and, given the fact that we watch the same stuff together, se already wrote all what I wanted to say, tsk.

Whatever, I’ll give it a shot anyways. 🙂

We completed ‘Descendant of the Sun’—-!! ❤ ❤

This Christmas holidays, girls, were damn good!

First ‘When a Snail falls in Love’ and now this other drama, we ended 2016 in a faboulous way and started 2017 with the best feels ever. 🙂

Weirdly enough in this drama there were no actors that I knew, which is great because I came to know more great actors *-*

The plot was very well thought and they were so good as to not spoiler anything at anytime, we seriously appreciated it because that way we were always left with a cliffhanger wandering what was to come in the next episode ❤

You can definetely feel the “melodrama” aspect, but not in a bad way.

The ending is adorable and I couldn’t stop repeating how cute all of them were and how delightful it was to see this huge kind of family getting together and fighting all the difficulties they faced. ❤

This is definetely another 10 on mydramalist, heheh. :3

It’s pretty sad but I’ll have to say bye to all this great guys/girls. You were awesome!

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P.S. I kept feeling like I had seen this guy before but couldn’t remember where, well he’s from Shinee, ahahah. Cutie, ain’t he?

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