After re-watching for the 10th time the same highschool kpop performances videos, I found this in between the related vids.

It’s an interview of ‘Hwarang”s hella handsome actors dubbed by no other than Go Ara (Ovetto)!! ❤ ❤

I kept going kyaaah-! ❤ because they were all so damn cute and pretty…

Too many goodlooking guys in the same room for me to resist *-*

Anyways, the drama seems very good. I actually wanted to watch it in simulcast but I missed the opportunitie because I was already watching something else.

We decided to give it a try this night, hopefully it’s going to be as good as this last two dramas.

I saw a video by HallyuBack were I learnt that apparently the ratings for the first two episodes weren’t that good because nothing much happened. But she said the ending of ep 2 is promising some good stuff so… *smirks*

I am totally going to face the 2n lead syndrome, no doubts. >_<

Little note: one of my favourite actors ever (Park SeoJoon) is starring in this drama and he looks hella good in that outfit (everyone does, actually) <3. I didn’t quite like Minho (Shinee) the first time I saw him in ‘To the beautiful you’ but I recently find myself staring at him… he has pretty eyes ❤

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