Hey, guess what I started reading once again?

…Keishichou Tokuhanka 007—!!

This manga here:

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Ahh, the good old times ahahahah. ❤

Back in highschool I used to read manga all the time… every second I had, especially if I had to study for an exam. So nostalgic… T^T

It still find it weird how I can’t stand watching anime that are drawn strangely because they are older than me but I can easily (and I enjoy them even more than recent ones) read old shoujo/josei manga. ❤ They are good 🙂

I find them to have a deeper plot and character definition than recent ones that tend to follow all the same story scheme. There are new ones that are good as well, obviously, but there are not many…

There was this period in which I was having trouble finding good shoujo/josei mangas to read so I started reading all the one-shot josei mangas I found. Very good, indeed.

I should decide on a month in which I’ll binge read all of those once again :3