Yesterday I was bored, procastinating my studies, so I randomly went on Mangafox looking for a shoujo manga to read.

I wasn’t planning on re reading anything,  but then I happened to see one thing that made my day: one of the many manga I’ve been waiting for to be updated had finally been updated!

I screamed, danced, sang and then sat down to read in pure silence.

I started it back from the very beginning because I wanted to make sure I remembered everything.  🙂

It’s called ‘Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet’ and the second I started it the artwork reminded me of ‘Hirunaka no Ryuusei’. Is it by the same mangaka? I still haven’t gathered enough will to look it up.

The drawings are great, especially the care for the hair… it looks so fluffy and soft ❤

In this newly uploaded chapters their relationship finally reaches the climax—!! :3

I’m never going to grow sick of reading manga! *giddy* I’m not ashamed of my life, not even a tiny little bit 🙂

Himono Onna for life, yup

.Risultati immagini per tsubaki chou lonely planetRisultati immagini per tsubaki chou lonely planet