I just noticed that I forgot to post about a drama we’ve been watching for at least three or four days! D:

The name is ‘Love me if you dare’. The genres are romance, crime,  investigation, mystery.

We found it right after we finished ‘Descendant of the Sun’, we seriously have been lucky recently.  🙂

Un luckily enough, yesterday we dropped it. My little sis didn’t like that things were going too fast and smooth. She is not willing to wait a little bit more for stuff to happen.

Too bad, but whatever.

I enjoyed the drama a huge amount.

Personally, as I previously said for Descendant of the Sun, I really like when nearly all the character are nice and lovable.

I find it pleasant to see this kind of big family forming. Different people brought together by unusual circumstances, who slowly learn to live and fight together.

They come to know and respect each other. That’s the most appealing thing in this kind of dramas.

Simon Bo, Yao Yao, Simon’s bff, Andy, Chenmo, Yao Yao’s sister… they were all cute and I fell in love with each of them. ❤

On the other hand, I was left very disappointed with the caracter that Wang Kai had to play in this drama.

After seeing him for the first time in ‘When a Snail falls in Love’ and after I fell for his great acting, seeing him as Xunran was a huge disappointment.

I know that ‘Love me if you dare’ came before WASFIL, but still. I think that Xunran’s character was shallow. He had no character, he did not develop in any way… and his haircut in this drama did not suit him at all.

I don’t think I can say much more seeing how we dropped it, but I’d still recommend it to whoever is into a little bit of crime and romance.

One last thing, I’m still waiting for a drama in which they don’t fail during calling scenes. Every single time we can see that they ain’t actually calling,  that damn home screen keeps on flashing.

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