So, I’m still reading ‘Oresama Teacher’ and as time goes on I feel more and more the urge to buy the paperback version instead of always relaying on scans… but mom would kill me. T^T

Anyways, I LOVE this thing! The genres are so balanced and I’ve never laughed so much reading a manga before!

Truth be said I never used to laugh, to the point where I forgot how to actually laugh and would only say a shabby “lol”. That’s why I was so shocked when I kept cracking up at this guys!! Ahahahah

And obviously, reding manga for me means… screens!!

I can’t resist good drawings, and this girl draws perfectly guys and girls and damn—! ❤

I also love the silly way most shoujo mangas are drawn 🙂

I’m planning on saving some up to make a collage with gimp later :3