Finally managed to re-install Ubuntu on my PC-! It was so much work because ubuntu wouldn’t start up after reboot and no matter what I did it just didn’t seem to work…

Anyway, right after switching back to Windows, I ended up reading a little bit of ‘Five’ and then on Youtube. I had some videos saved up for later taken from the 31st golden disc awards (BTS, EXO, Got7) that I had to watch.

BTS were great as usual, I really appreciated the fact that they did a kind of mashup of all their latest songs (they even used War of Hormone, Dope and I Need U Girl), but I must say that the singing was a little messy here and there… still great job though, V’s deep voice is going to kill me ❤

EXO only used two songs, same for Got7. Both groups nailed the performances 🙂

Then out of pure curiosity, I googles the winner’s of day 1.

Blackpink won the ‘New Artist Award’!! Those girls are seriously good, their voices and appearences are on point. :3

The ‘Best Band Award’ went to… CNBLUE!! Haven’t listened to their songs in a while…

‘Asia Popularity Award’ was won by goodlooking Kim Jae Joong ❤

And then guess what, guess what..? Heheheh.

The ‘Best OST Award’ goes to… Gummy’s ‘You Are My Everything’, Descendant of the Sun’s OST—!!! I did say that that drama had the best OSTs ever ❤ ❤

You are my everything~! ❤

And seeing the main leads looking at the live performance… they looked so emotional and all… T^T