Yesterday I mentioned in a post that I was planning on watching ‘When a Snail Falls in Love’ for the third time already, well I didn’t do it.

My little sis ended up finding a good story to read on Wattpad so I had to go and look for something for myself too. Recently I’m into the mood to read manga and after completing two series I feel all pumped up and ready to complete many others. Am I going to spend all 2017 reading manga, I ask myself. Yeah, most probably I will.


Anyway, thirsty for something to keep me entertained, I went on mangafox and randomly browsed the shoujo section. Having already tried/read the majority I didn’t know what to do. I wanted something with enough chapters to keep me up for the two hours that I had before going to bed (yeah, I’m 19 and I still have to go to sleep by 22 p.m.).

The first one that had those characteristics was ‘Heroine Shikkaku’. I remember reading it for a while not a long ago, but ended up dropping it for some reason.

Well, yesterday I re-started it and today I completed it. The whole thing.

I have to say… there was so much drama going on in there… *sweaty*

So many people dropped it when they found out who the main girl was going to end up with. That’s why spoilers are bad for our health… 😦

I did expect that though. I can’t say I’m happy with how things turned out because my ships were completely different, but if we are to think about it properly it only makes sense. The title is self explanatory.

While I like that the ending is kind of realistic or, even better, well thought, and I respect the mangaka’s choices I can’t help but feel bad for my ships. It’s that feeling that you have that tells you that she would have totally been better off with this guy instead of the one she chooses. Also, it is simply terrible to see side characters be hurt so much in all series.

Especially in this one here ahahah. So many characters popped out of nowhere and contributed into making the already-existing mess into a even bigger one.

All of this aside, it was a great series and the sometimes comical drawings keep you well balanced between fangirling, crying and laughing your behind off. 🙂

Now, it’s picture time *smirks*



Also, while reading it I noticed this thing here but couldn’t take a screen because I don’t know how to do it from ubuntu *shy* *shy* so I googled it. AREN’T THOSE GUYS FROM STROBE EDGE? What are they doing in the background? Ahahahha. Also this mangaka here is a huge fan of Miyazaki, isn’t she? Quoting his works all the time, lol.