Earlier I was making some green tea while reading back my blog posts and found that I had mentioned sharing some of my results from those “BTS Dating games” that I went crazy over when I had to study for my math exam around november/december.

In case you don’t know/remember what I’m talking about, in the video you are given 7 images (one for each member) for each role that they are going to take. You have to choose the picture you like the most out of all 7 and later you are told which member each picture is linked to.

So what I’m going to do now is relaying and commenting briefly the game. Hopefully I can’t still read the results because I doodled all over them to hide my crime.

The first one that I found says:

  • BFF: Jin
  • Enemy: RapMonster
  • School buddy: J-Hope
  • BF: RapMonster
  • 1st date: Suga
  • 1st kiss: Jungkook
  • One night stand: RapMonster
  • Ex: Suga
  • Proposes to me: J-Hope
  • Husband: Jungkook
  • Honeymoon with: RapMonster
  • Daddy of my kids: RapMonster

I have to say, this was probably the more detailed one ever, lmao. The “one night stand” and “daddy of my kids” parts don’t feel so right, but hey, it’s a game. So, apparently, I’m not much of a steady partner, huh…  My best friend is Jin and my school buddy is J-Hope, which is great. But did I seriously go and date my enemy?? Is this a shoujo manga? My first date and first kiss were with different people so I guess the first time it didn’t go too well, especially as the guy I went on my first date with became my ex. Escalated quickly. At least I’m intelligent enough to go on a one-night-stand with my bf, even though I’m not sure it can still be called one night stand at this point. D: J-Hope, my school buddy suddenly proposes to me (was it an unrequited love? 😦 ) but, guess what?, I marry a guy I had nothing to do with up to that moment (Jungkook ❤ ). I go on my honeymoon with another guy, not my husband… the hell is wrong with me? Did he abduct me? And… let’s leave out the kids part for good’s sake.

I found another one! But it is too hard to read… I did a good job covering it up *proud*

Goodness, I can’t read lmao, I don’t bother this much to hide even my bank card’s pin! D:

I’ll put the ones I managed to read, I guess…

  • First date: Suga
  • BFF: Suga
  • Roommate (?): V
  • Proposes to me: RapMonster
  • Hubby: J-Hope
  • Travel with: Suga
  • Your true love: Jungkook
  • Has a crush on me: Suga
  • Boyfriend: Jungkook

Hey, I actually managed to read all of them at the end 🙂

Lets analyze this one too, shall we?

First thing I notice: how many times did I get Suga?! And I went on a first date with him again? 2763663_orig

Suga is my best friend, the one I travel with… and the one who has a crush on me. I decide to go on my first date with him even though my true love is Jungkook who’s also my BF. (Unless he was already my BF at the time I went for a date with Suga, at which I would be the dumbest girl on Earth)

In the mean time, even though I’m busy sorting things out with this two guys, I’m living with V… ??!!


A wild RapMonster appears and proposes to me, but I end up marrying J-Hope. I guess things didn’t work out well with Jungkook after all… *cries internally*

This time it was definetely more random, wasn’t it?

Too bad I can’t share any others… For all the other ones I only signed the names and numbers without the corresponding roles.. 😦

Time to go back to reality and realize that I ain’t so lucky. *ice breaking sounds* T^T