A few hours before I completed the available chapters of ‘Principal’!

I must say that I had never seen this manga before, and to think that it is not even that recent…

I randomly found out about it on Myanimelist.com and decided to give it a try.

At the beginning I thought of dropping it: the story was not progressing and it just didn’t get me. For me it is important that a manga (or anything else actually) engages me from the very beginning, I don’t have enough patience to wait for it when it’s going too slowly.

Still, at the same time, I could feel that it would have been a waste to just drop it like that and something kept me going.

Heheheheh *grinning*

I did well. 🙂

I thought it was going to be the usual love triangle based story and I’m not into them at all. I can resist as long as they don’t become too messy or clichè,at that point I can’t stomach them, really…

Anyway, fortunately, this story turned out to be pretty different from the ones I had read so far. I’d say, the way the story went so far, it resembles more an asian drama’s plot. 🙂

The first impact I had with the drawings was the one I always get when I read old ones. Let’s be honest, they do look lacking. I still appreciate them, they are good and once you get over the first impression they become even better and they all look damn bishounens. ❤

Hotties are going to be hotties no matter what.

You just have to get over the first impact if you’re like me. 🙂

Too bad that the scans stopped right when the main couple seemed to start having hope… it’s always like that. *cries internally*

Recently I’m jumping from one series to the other, lol. I actually planned on studying starting a completed manga so that I was sure I was going to complete the story, but then I found this and it looked like a waste to just leave it there. There aren’t many chapters left anyways…

I said that this was going to be the last, but here I am reading ‘360° Degrees Material’ all over again… well, at least this is a completed series! *wink* 🙂


Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.

Another peculiar thing about this manga is how sometimes it would turn super dark (?)

I think the mangaka wanted to convey the psychological load that certain events or even words can give to people. I really like this aspect ❤ because it gives you the feeling that it was actually well thought and not just the usual story. 🙂

Also, just like in ‘Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi’, dogs are portrayed in an adorable way, and for me that doesn’t have a dog, it makes me one one so much.. >\\<