Found yet another manga and read it all, I hope they didn’t drop the project though >//< I want to read more… The struggle is real. The style reminds me a little bit of ‘Yumemiru Taiyou’ although the story is completely different.

Just checked the mangaka out and nope, they aren’t the same person. I haven’t read any of her other works, hm…

‘Yajirobee’ is the name and it’s only two-volumes long for a total of 11 chapters (the sancs stop at chap. 10 *cries in a corner*).

I ADORE shoujo mangas!! I think that they have much better art than the other genres. Not that the others don’t have good art… argh!


Regarding the story, it is a pretty unique one and the couples have not formed just yet so I can speculate as much as I want on who’s going to end up with who. *grinning* ❤

Usually, in this kind of story where the main guy is a lot older, I would ship her with him, no matter what. However! Shikashi! This time I don’t ship her with him. The story simply doesn’t go that way and it somehow feels very wrong ahahah. My ship is Haru and Towa.. ❤ Don’t think it’s going to happen but whatever, Bonta is sweet as well 🙂