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I have no words — December 18, 2017

I have no words


It’s me.

I’m still alive.

I haven’t posted since August apparently, wow time sure flies.

I’m sorry, seriously, for not updating and posting anything in so long because I really treasure this blog, it means a lot to me.

I’ve always been that kind of person that easily gets tired of stuff, that procrastinates, that forgets easily… and that brought me to not posting anything this year… 😦

I won’t promise anything knowing how I am, but I’ll try to update more from now on and not give up on this still very young blog.

Thank you for everyone that has followed me/commented in the past, each one of you made me so so happy ❀

I already have a 2017 recap post that I’m writing and that I will publish in a few days maybe since we are already at the end of the year.

Once again thank you and sorry,

Lots of love,


— August 15, 2017

I started reading Mairunovich again!!

I wonder why I never managed to complete it~~ I always drop it somewhere and never remember where…


The manga is good and cute like always, Mairu is so pretty  β€ ❀

And it’s drawn very well~ obviously… what am I even saying *laughs*

Hopefully this time I won’t drop it and I’ll go till the very end~~

— August 14, 2017

Ok, uhhh. 

It’s seriously been a long time since I last came here and posted something… I have no excuses either actually…

I’ve been lazy. That and the fact that I haven’t really watched many anime at all this year… nor read mangas.

I should be ashamed of myself TTTT

I remember writhing some kind of draft about Gantz:O after I watched it and loved it so much as well, but now I can’t seem to find it anywhere *cries in italian*

So yeah. I came empty handed.


Yesterday I felt like reading manga again I NEEDED TOO, I MISSED THEM SO BAD AAAAAAAA

So yeah, I went ahead and re-read for the millionth time Midnight Secretary because it is THAT good to me, yeah.

I don’t know why they were uploaded in the wrong order but whatever, I’ve never been good with technology.

I just seriously LOVE this manga. I’m sure many people think it’s cliche and I don’t even know what else, like I’ve seen in the case of Hapi Mari, but I don’t mind. More like, I like cliche and I like cheesyness. ❀ 

Not that there’s much of that in it anyways… I feel like I’m talking in circles Β°^Β°

That was not my intention.

Without indulging much further I’ll go read some more mangas BYE

P.S. I need more old mangas to read I find them so much more entertaining and better than many more recent ones RIP ENGLISH

— February 13, 2017

We actually managed to break our own previous record and reach 9.4 million views on Spring Day–!!! ❀ ❀ Great job Armys πŸ™‚ Let’s keep at it…

Let’s get down to it. What the hell have I been doing lately? I don’t even remember, ahah.

The point is that I recently started a Korean Diary, to practice what I’m learning and because I’ve never kept a diary before. However, I’m the type of person that sucks at multitasking or keeping up with more things at once, so I ended up abandoning this blog…

I’m still trying though, I don’t want to drop anything just yet. I’m only at my fifth month, I want to reach at least a year with ‘Purely Silent’s log’.

Thanks to everyone that take their time to read my crazy fangirling. ❀ (especially renxkyoko, a huge thanks for always reading and commenting on my posts πŸ™‚ )

So, here’s the recap!


  • L-DK, re-read all available chapters. πŸ™‚ (V. 15 C. 59)
  • Lovely Complex (V. 5 C. 20)
  • Chicchai Toki Kara Suki Dakedo, re-read (V. 2 C. 6)
  • Strobe Edge, re-read (V. 1 C. 1)
  • ReRe Hello (V. 1 C. 2)
  • Namaikizakari (V. 7 C. 36)
  • Dengeki Daisy, re-read (V. 12 C. 59)


  • Zankyou No Terror

Also, studied a little bit for my exam and watched tons of videos on youtube. πŸ™‚

Variety Show:

  • Match made in Heaven episode 1, 4, 5. ❀

Now I gotta go make lunch. (still streaming Spring Day, the view count froze yet again ahahha)

— February 12, 2017

Well, hello.

I’m so excited, you have no clue…

I just finished watching the whole stream, I made it!!! Yeah— ❀ ❀

All the members were damn good looking as per usual but the fact that they were talking and playing around at the same time in which I was watching them doing it was a first for me and made the whole experience even better. πŸ™‚

Before the stream started on V Live I borrowed my sister’s phone and started tapping the heart button like I’ve never tapped before. We were able to reach over 119.000.000 hearts before the stream started and it kept growing even during the live.

I see people were fast enough to get all the most precious parts and make memes out of them already, which fascinates me, lol.

Their new album should come out in a few minutes I think… ❀

I couldn’t help but fangirl over (all of them) Taehyung specifically. He’s my ultimate bias and he was just as cute as usual… >//< That red sweater looked great on him ahahha.

And holy gosh, his voice… His voice is a blessing. When he used talked gravely at the end… wahh. ❀ ❀

[Published a more than 3 hours later due to S. coming for her tutoring lessons… She came right after they uploaded the new MV so I haven’t seen it yet T^T I won’t wait much longer though. πŸ™‚ ]