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— February 16, 2017

Uh, ‘Fushigi Yuugi’ keeps shocking me the more I watch it… The love line is developing way too fast, and, in my opinion, they definitely rushed the change in the main character’s bff’s feelings.

However, I’ll still watch it because it’s good 🙂

Yesterday though… I recommend taking precautions when watching episode 11 from 18.30 minutes to 19.30 if you don’t want to kill your eyes.

Flashy, super fast, changes in lightening that make you see weird stuff, no good, no good.

Someone told me that those scene were banned on some Pokemon episode because it affects people with epilepsy. 😦

Side note: BTS’s ‘Spring Day’ MV has reached 20 million plus views on YouTube, Army did a great job!

It’s already the third record we broke with only one MV:

  • 9+ million views in the first 24 hours after release
  • faster k-pop MV to reach 10 million views (took 26 hours)
  • faster k-pop MV to reach 20 million views (3 days and 16 hours)

Really, well done!! We also have 1 million likes ❤

Now I’m streaming like crazy on Spotify to get it at least at number 10 in the Viral Top 50 (Italy). Right now ‘Spring Day’ is at number 19 and ‘Not Today’ at 17…

Jimin even praised us for our hard work saying that it is cute to see Internation Army and Korean Army working together for this ❤ He’s really sweet 🙂

This days I’m seriously having trouble not changing my bias… They are all damn pretty and since I’m been watching all their videos on VLive I’ve come to learn so much more about them and… I simply can’t! I thought I was set on Taehyung, that I wasn’t going to change.. but then a Jimin appeared and.. T^T I’m not sure about my certainties anymore °-°

It will work out somehow °-° ❤

— February 15, 2017

*Trying to calm down*




I completed ‘Zankyou no Terror’! First anime I watch in while… It gave me a weird feeling that I’m not sure I can describe. 😦

It was not bad, not at all. It was good enough, but maybe a little bit too short? Everything happened so fast… Maybe I just have to get used to watching anime instead of reading manga again, lol.


I have to say: I hate tragedies and I absolutely hate it when main characters die.

I like happy endings.

However, at the same time, some anime are great enough that I like them even if (or maybe because) the main characters die. This is one of them. I was left with that feeling of mixed happiness and sadness and god only knows what else. ❤

I really don’t know why I always snubbed this anime °-°


P.S.: Everyone seemed to hate on Lisa in the comments but I don’t think she’s necessarily at fault. She’s just a simple human being, the same as us and I, myself, can’t predict what I would have done if I were in her place. No, maybe I know: I would have been one of those weak-willed people that would run away from everyone and everything. So props to Lisa! 🙂


Yesterday I also started watching ‘Fushigi Yugi’, another anime that I always snubbed because it was older than me.

I like historical, romance stuff. And no matter what ‘Fushigi Yugi’ is one of the most recommended after maybe ‘Inuyasha’.


It’s old (I’m not saying it’s a negative aspect, I like old anime too), the colors are kind of “weird” and the animations are flashy, but I’ve grown to like it, lol.

The only thing I’m not too sure about is the way the love part is moving way too fast. After what, the first episode (?), and we could tell that they already had feeling for each other and it didn’t take that much for the second guy to confess to her too…

I’ll keep watching it, let’s hope for the best! ❤


Here are a couple news.

We’re at over 17 million views on YouTube for ‘Spring Day’ MV, we also managed to reach over 1 million likes and comments but some comments today were hidden (or deleted) so we’re back to 300.000+ comments. It’s fine though, comments aren’t that important. Views are what matter, but they are stuck again.. D:

On the other hand, I’m here studying for my exam and streaming ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ (BTS) on Spotify. Let’s go up in the chart!! 🙂 ❤ ❤


— February 13, 2017
— January 23, 2017

Earlier I was making some green tea while reading back my blog posts and found that I had mentioned sharing some of my results from those “BTS Dating games” that I went crazy over when I had to study for my math exam around november/december.

In case you don’t know/remember what I’m talking about, in the video you are given 7 images (one for each member) for each role that they are going to take. You have to choose the picture you like the most out of all 7 and later you are told which member each picture is linked to.

So what I’m going to do now is relaying and commenting briefly the game. Hopefully I can’t still read the results because I doodled all over them to hide my crime.

The first one that I found says:

  • BFF: Jin
  • Enemy: RapMonster
  • School buddy: J-Hope
  • BF: RapMonster
  • 1st date: Suga
  • 1st kiss: Jungkook
  • One night stand: RapMonster
  • Ex: Suga
  • Proposes to me: J-Hope
  • Husband: Jungkook
  • Honeymoon with: RapMonster
  • Daddy of my kids: RapMonster

I have to say, this was probably the more detailed one ever, lmao. The “one night stand” and “daddy of my kids” parts don’t feel so right, but hey, it’s a game. So, apparently, I’m not much of a steady partner, huh…  My best friend is Jin and my school buddy is J-Hope, which is great. But did I seriously go and date my enemy?? Is this a shoujo manga? My first date and first kiss were with different people so I guess the first time it didn’t go too well, especially as the guy I went on my first date with became my ex. Escalated quickly. At least I’m intelligent enough to go on a one-night-stand with my bf, even though I’m not sure it can still be called one night stand at this point. D: J-Hope, my school buddy suddenly proposes to me (was it an unrequited love? 😦 ) but, guess what?, I marry a guy I had nothing to do with up to that moment (Jungkook ❤ ). I go on my honeymoon with another guy, not my husband… the hell is wrong with me? Did he abduct me? And… let’s leave out the kids part for good’s sake.

I found another one! But it is too hard to read… I did a good job covering it up *proud*

Goodness, I can’t read lmao, I don’t bother this much to hide even my bank card’s pin! D:

I’ll put the ones I managed to read, I guess…

  • First date: Suga
  • BFF: Suga
  • Roommate (?): V
  • Proposes to me: RapMonster
  • Hubby: J-Hope
  • Travel with: Suga
  • Your true love: Jungkook
  • Has a crush on me: Suga
  • Boyfriend: Jungkook

Hey, I actually managed to read all of them at the end 🙂

Lets analyze this one too, shall we?

First thing I notice: how many times did I get Suga?! And I went on a first date with him again? 2763663_orig

Suga is my best friend, the one I travel with… and the one who has a crush on me. I decide to go on my first date with him even though my true love is Jungkook who’s also my BF. (Unless he was already my BF at the time I went for a date with Suga, at which I would be the dumbest girl on Earth)

In the mean time, even though I’m busy sorting things out with this two guys, I’m living with V… ??!!


A wild RapMonster appears and proposes to me, but I end up marrying J-Hope. I guess things didn’t work out well with Jungkook after all… *cries internally*

This time it was definetely more random, wasn’t it?

Too bad I can’t share any others… For all the other ones I only signed the names and numbers without the corresponding roles.. 😦

Time to go back to reality and realize that I ain’t so lucky. *ice breaking sounds* T^T

— January 15, 2017
— January 14, 2017

Finally managed to re-install Ubuntu on my PC-! It was so much work because ubuntu wouldn’t start up after reboot and no matter what I did it just didn’t seem to work…

Anyway, right after switching back to Windows, I ended up reading a little bit of ‘Five’ and then on Youtube. I had some videos saved up for later taken from the 31st golden disc awards (BTS, EXO, Got7) that I had to watch.

BTS were great as usual, I really appreciated the fact that they did a kind of mashup of all their latest songs (they even used War of Hormone, Dope and I Need U Girl), but I must say that the singing was a little messy here and there… still great job though, V’s deep voice is going to kill me ❤

EXO only used two songs, same for Got7. Both groups nailed the performances 🙂

Then out of pure curiosity, I googles the winner’s of day 1.

Blackpink won the ‘New Artist Award’!! Those girls are seriously good, their voices and appearences are on point. :3

The ‘Best Band Award’ went to… CNBLUE!! Haven’t listened to their songs in a while…

‘Asia Popularity Award’ was won by goodlooking Kim Jae Joong ❤

And then guess what, guess what..? Heheheh.

The ‘Best OST Award’ goes to… Gummy’s ‘You Are My Everything’, Descendant of the Sun’s OST—!!! I did say that that drama had the best OSTs ever ❤ ❤

You are my everything~! ❤

And seeing the main leads looking at the live performance… they looked so emotional and all… T^T

— January 11, 2017

Yah… since a few days ago I went back to spending my time on Youtube! 🙂

Here’s a sum up of my journey:

[three already seen school k-pop dance covers in between]

  • Back to japan with this

[six already seen school k-pop dance covers in between]

[three already seen school k-pop dance covers in between]

[four already seen school k-pop dance covers in between]

[ten already seen school k-pop dance covers in between]

  • I’m now watching here the second episode which is the continuation of pretty boys from hwarang *-* you, ikemen!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I even caught cute Minho and took a screen mwahahahah


Heh, what do you think? *proud*

Oh, and for the rest of the time I read ‘Oresama teacher’. I already have a huge amount of screens… I’m going to fill my new PC!! D:

I’m actually considering watching this whole TV show, it seems pretty funny and they have different celebrities each time… *-*

Also, I happened to see in a related video’s thumb that appearently they also starred Park Bo Gum ❤ I’m heading there sooner or later! I won’t let it escape ahahahha ❤

— January 10, 2017
— January 4, 2017

“I don’t eat much”

Why? You don’t want to get fat? You take care of your looks?

“Because I’m too lazy to get something to eat”


That’s me, like seriously.

It cracked me up when I heard Suga saying it 🙂

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